Drilling your own water well is easier than you think!

So now your garden, grassy lawn, or car washing is starting to drain your pocket book and you’re thinking about getting a water well to reduce your bill.

Here at DIYwells.com you will learn that drilling your own well in the state of Texas is not only legal, but also EASY and SUPER CHEAP! I want to empower you to get the water you need, without the big payment at the end of every month.

I don’t believe city & community water organizations are bad, but I support them totally. I live outside Mineola and have been on community water going on 14 years. Sometimes however, your spot in the country or your needed volume of water calls for a water well of your own.

Here’s the secret that can help you save:
East Texas is FULL of water streams from 50 to 150 feet below our feet, and for a little electricity you can pump that water and use it not only for our gardens &  lawns but also for livestock and stock ponds. Keep this under your hat, but sometimes it doesn’t rain in East Texas for a couple months, and it feels good to have the confidence knowing all the water you need is attainable in your own well.

So feel free to browse the site and learn more about how you can do it yourself on drilling your very own water well. If you’ve been here before or talked with Clif or Keith and want to Get Started just click here.