Why is it the smart choice to drill my own well?


Water is closer to you than the aquifers at eight hundred or a thousand feet.

underground water streams make trees leanMany people do not know that there is a network of water streams under our feet. Our parents and grand parents used people that could “water-wish” or “water dowse” to find the streams.  If you look across your land and see a row of trees leaning toward each other, odds are there is a stream below. You see the tops of the trees lean the same direction to roots move whether to an above ground stream or underground stream.


Flowing water streams are usually healthier water sources than aquifers in our region.

Did you know once water passes underground through 30 feet of water sand it is purified? That’s right, 30 feet.  Usually though, as you drill past the different levels of earth, you’ll pass through a level of clay or rock and then hit water sand and you’ll stop at the next hard layer- clay or rock. The two hard layers are what keeps the water sand & water clean.

oil well and water wellYou are playing the odds when you drill into an aquifer at the deep levels because, if it is pure when your well is drilled, it only takes the oil companies one false stab into this aquifer to taint the whole region’s supply in that aquifer. We know several folks you could talk to that started getting white chunks in their water (oil), sometimes less than a year after the well was drilled. Unless you are on a mountain of iron ore, odds are that a flowing stream will be pure for a longer period than an aquifer.


It’s legal and saves you money!

With the laws in Texas and many other states, you can drill your own water well with no license and way cheaper than the traditional drilling companies. They pay several licensed men to come out (and licensing isn’t cheap), not to mention huge trucks, tractors, etc. for a massive operation that can leave you wondering “What left those huge tire tracks across my lawn and my pocket book!”

Ask yourself this question:

If I don’t need them to drill down into the aquifers when truly pure water is running abundantly under the surface between 50 & 150 feet, then couldn’t I drill this well with a little training and a rental machine?

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